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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

I have to say it’s really difficult to write ABOUT yourself. I keep finding that all of my crumpled drafts have these monotonous boring details, so I will spare you and get to the point. My name is Danielle and I am 36 years old. Why did I just include my age? Geesh… Oh no wait. I knew there was a reason. I meant to say I am 36 years wiser, ha! I guess I should also tell you what brought me to this point and why this page even exists.

I have always had a desire to create. To be different. And to take a chance to make something the best it can possibly be, including myself. I am fueled by the desire to make the most out of the day and all opportunities it presents, even if I fail miserably in doing so. Before my life revolved around collecting moments through images, I taught, and LEARNED A BUNCH, from young souls in preschool. I also managed a charming little coffee shop/art gallery, which was so incredibly fun. Both were life changing for me in that I learned a ton about myself and was humbled and challenged to the max, every day, in every moment. Words alone cannot express how thankful I am for those times and the wisdom and tools that each brought forth. Such is life, both of those journeys came to an end as other doors opened.

And by 'other doors', I mean I got a real fancy camera; the kind with all the buttons and sounds that make pictures look so darn pretty. I had no intentions of making a living off of this little magical piece of technology, but here I am! I reflect daily on this fact and I must say I still cannot wrap my mind around the thousands of people I have met, all the love I have soaked up and the given trust I have received. I have watched NEW LIFE enter this world and even joined the celebration of THE LIFE OF ONE who has departed! Each happening has left me with the ultimate gift: the powerful experience of LOVE. It’s like watching a beautifully composed film, only you get to BE a part of it! As far as the things that make up who I am, aside from all of my memories of love given and received, I would have to say good food and good company. I could die in the presence of that alone.

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